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5 Powerful Reasons to Go to Therapy

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Are you considering therapy? Life can be difficult and unpredictable. Many people are curious as to when to make the "leap" from seeking the counsel of family or friends to speaking with a therapist. Here are 5 reasons people go to therapy:

Life Threw You a Curveball:

Life can be difficult. Sometimes life changes in unexpected ways. Speaking to someone who is impartial can release a lot of stress and help you gain new insight. Having the opportunity to say what is truly on one's mind is liberating and a great first step to better mental health.


Relationships are complex. If there is an issue with a person's family member, coworker, life partner, or even with a friend, speaking about that relationship with a non-judgmental person can relieve stress, help you see things more clearly, and improve your coping skills.

Big Changes Ahead:

Discussing changes you want to make in your life with someone not directly or even indirectly involved can help you make better decisions.

Seeking Better Coping Mechanisms:

Most of us were never actually taught how to deal with life's stresses when we were growing up. Learning how to process your thoughts, understand your feelings, and improve your coping mechanisms are excellent ways to help improve your mental health.

Feeling Alone/Overwhelmed:

Feeling alone and/or overwhelmed with difficulties can be exhausting and confusing. Speaking with a trained professional can help you solve your problem while improving your mental health.

For more information or to schedule your first appointment, please contact Dr. Carlin at or call 908.552-0264.

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